Presenter Information


All presenters are reminded to register and pay for conference. 


  1. The presentations should last 12 minutes with 3 minutes for questions and turnaround. Your presentation should be created in PowerPoint, aspect ratio 16:10 – 1920 X 1200 and be Windows compatible.
  2. Presentations which take place in the planetarium will be run through the National Space Centre AV system and will need to be checked for compatibility. We are advised that embedded videos, GIFs and animations can sometimes cause problems and you may need to make adjustments.
  3. To see when your presentation is scheduled, please go to ConfTool. You will see the day/time that has been assigned to you. Final allocation of rooms for sessions has not been made yet. The planetarium is the largest presenting space with a capacity of 192 and we will assess demand and allocate rooms in the next few weeks.
  4. Our conference will see over 170 oral presentations over three days. We therefore request that you submit your presentation as early as possible, no later than Monday 15th August, to enable us to make all the checks needed and enable seamless transition from one presentation to the next during the conference.
All sessions in the Planetarium will be live streamed. In other conference rooms they will be transmitted to online delegates via zoom. You will be asked to upload your PowerPoint/PDF to a shared area limited to other presenters in your session and the organisers. If there are IP/commercial confidentiality issues with your presentation, please advise us immediately so that we can flag this.

Poster Presenters

  • Your poster should be prepared in A1 portrait format to be compatible with our display boards.
  • You are asked to print your poster and bring it to conference. We do not have facilities on site to print your poster. We will provide velcro stickers to afix your poster to the board.
  • Poster presenters in topic ‘New Developments in Upstream Technology’ will be invited to present a quick slide summary of their poster. The slide format can be downloaded here. There may be the opportunity to present similar quick slides in other specific topic sessions, but notification will be given in advance of these. The deadline for the summary slide is Monday 15th August.
  • We would like to invite all poster presenters to produce an overview slide which will be displayed on the TV screens around conference. The Template for the slide can be found here, along with an example of how it should look. Please send these into no later than 15th August
To see when your ‘live’ poster session is scheduled please go to ConfTool. You will see the day/session that you have been assigned. This will be on the same day as the oral presentations for the same topic.
We hope that all posters will be able to be displayed for the duration of the conference but this is subject to demand and space available. At a minimum your poster will be displayed for the day you have been assigned. Delegates will have an opportunity to browse the posters during refreshment breaks and at early evening sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.